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28 Minute Black Bean Soup

This super quick black bean soup (28 minutes start to spoon) is for Ari.  I literally timed it. I started chopping at 11:48.  It was in the bowl at 12:14. Ari started teaching high school special  ed at an inner city school in Baltimore through the Teach for America program.  […]


Chocolate Pecan Pie

Peanut-free chocolate pecan pie sounds like a crazy idea, but it isn’t.    There are now peanut-free nuts on the market that put this Thanksgiving classic within reasonable reach. For the uninitiated, peanuts are not actually nuts.  They are legumes.  There are many of us who are allergic to peanuts but […]


Remembrance Day Dinner

Recipes for Victory In honour of the centennial Remembrance Day, I made a WWI dinner.  All recipes are from the new book Recipes for Victory edited by noted food writer Elizabeth Baird and Bridget Wranich, culinary historian at Toronto’s Fort York National Historic Site. The book features different categories of […]

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Tarte Tatin

Pear tarte tatin is a lovely Thanksgiving twist on the classic French caramelized apple tart. Oatmeal, the Secret Ingredient I’m honestly not crazy about apple pie, but I love tarte tatin.  My favourite version comes from an old Bon Appetit magazine (Oct 1996 edition, to be exact), that uses oatmeal […]


White Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

When I ran a poll on Facebook asking which of four cherry themed ice creams I should do next, white chocolate cherry ice cream was the winner. I started with the White Chocolate Ice Cream in David Lebovitz’ The Perfect Scoop.  This is one of my two favourite ice cream […]

berry tart
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Red, white and blueberry tart

Red, white and blueberry tart is my favourite July 4 dessert.  It is a spectacular presentation with seasonal berries fresh from the farmer’s market on top of a sweetly tangy sour cream base and a graham cracker crust.  It is virtually no cook, which makes it perfect for a hot […]


Popcorn Box Cake, Part 2 – Building Day

In Part 1 of How to Make a Popcorn Box Cake, we covered baking the cakes that will be used to create the popcorn box cake.  In today’s post, we will cover the process of building the popcorn box out of cake. I would estimate that the building stage took […]


Popcorn Box Cake, Part 1 – Baking Day

This year, Lily chose the Popcorn Box Cake from the How to Cake It website as her birthday cake.  Popcorn is Lily’s favourite food.  She likes popcorn better than cake! How to Cake It is a website and cookbook focused on novelty cakes by Toronto-based Yolanda Gampp. Her videos are […]

homemade scotch browth

Scotch Broth

I may own the last three cans of Campbell’s Scotch Broth in the known universe. The Salty, Golden Perfection of Campbell’s Scotch Broth Other than Mom’s homemade chicken soup, Scotch Broth is the best comfort soup for cold, wet days.  It features a golden broth studded with heaps of barley, […]