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lentil salad with chevre and pine nuts
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Lentil Salad with Chevre and Pine Nuts

Lentil salad reaches a whole new level in this one dish meal that also features tangy chevre and crunchy toasted pine nuts in a vinaigrette. This was my favourite kind of main dish salad when I was still single.  Now, it’s more of a lunch treat that I make for […]


Roasted Scallops with Brown Butter

Scallops are one of the easiest “fancy” dinners to make.  This is for those nights when you are rushing home from work and have guests coming over whom you need to impress with something you can have on the table in less than 20 minutes (probably closer to 10).   […]


Baked Chicken Fingers

Hallelujah! Chicken fingers that my kid will actually eat! You may not think that this is something to cheer about, but every time a new dish is added to her “yes” list, it’s time for celebration.   I know, I know, most parents worry that their kid only eats chicken […]

light Asian style soup
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Miso Soup with Chinese Greens

Miso soup is a versatile canvas for many flavours, and makes a great light meal.  It’s a delicious way to get a lot of veg without a lot of calories, My mother-in-law is always concerned about her weight and healthy eating. She asked me for some tofu options. Some of […]


Dashi Broth

                  Dashi Broth is the foundation of miso and other Japanese soups. You can buy powdered dashi broth, but it’s very quick and easy to make from scratch. Whisk some miso into dashi broth and you have the miso soup that you […]


Potato Spinach Gnocchi

Our weekly organics delivery basket included potatoes and spinach so I thought of putting them together in a gnocchi. I’ve done potato gnocchi many times before. If you’ve only had gnocchi from the supermarket packages, fresh potato gnocchi takes it to a whole new level.   To my tastebuds, the […]


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Chocolate chip cookies are pretty much everybody’s favourite sweet treat – except my daughter. Yup, she prefers microwave popcorn to homemade cookies. But I need cookies to survive. There are a million recipes for chocolate chip cookies out there, each claiming to be the best. I prefer oatmeal […]

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Squash Soup with Barley & Pancetta

Nothing is better than a nice hot bowl of soup on a cold winter day.   Squash lends itself to so many different flavour profiles that you have a lot of options. This is an Italian-based recipe from Jamie Oliver’s, “The Naked Chef Takes Off”.   It has become a […]

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Chocolate Chip Vanilla Biscotti

Chocolate chip vanilla biscotti are a perfect crisp treat for dunking in coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.  I had always pressed my nose to the glass case in coffee shops looking at the biscotti, but couldn’t buy them due to my peanut allergy.  Traditional Italian biscotti rely on ground […]