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berry tart
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Red, white and blueberry tart

Red, white and blueberry tart is my favourite July 4 dessert.  It is a spectacular presentation with seasonal berries fresh from the farmer’s market on top of a sweetly tangy sour cream base and a graham cracker crust.  It is virtually no cook, which makes it perfect for a hot […]


Espresso Granita

The 11th week of the Ice Cream of the Week series features Espresso Granita.  This is for those of you who have asked if they can have a recipe that doesn’t need an ice cream machine.  A granita is the perfect solution. Granitas are also completely dairy-free.  They are flavoured, […]

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Mango Coconut Frozen Yogurt

Mango coconut frozen yogurt is the featured flavour in week #9 of the Ice Cream of the Week series.  It’s another super fast and easy recipe with lots of tangy flavour. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds to come up with the recipe.  My sister asked, “What happens if […]

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Lemon Buttermilk Sherbet

Lemon buttermilk sherbet may be the most popular flavour I have ever made.  I served this at a summer dinner for friends.  We had the two big tables stretched out on the patio with people lined up around either side.  I was cutting pie slices and passing plates.  The container […]

pina colada gelato in bowl

Pina Colada Gelato

Pina Colada Gelato is the featured flavour in week #7 of the Ice Cream of the Week series.  One friend asked for a pineapple sorbet recipe.  A second asked for a cocktail themed recipe, and a third asked for non-dairy. Last summer I did a non-dairy gelato recipe for Coconut […]

raspberry lime non-dairy sorbet 2

Raspberry Lime Sorbet

Raspberry lime sorbet is the feature flavour in week 6 of the Ice Cream of the Week series.    My sister’s birthday is this week, so this one is for her.  She often reminisces fondly about ice cream we had on the family trip to Italy that my mother won in […]

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Strawberry Balsamic Frozen Buttermilk

Strawberry balsamic frozen buttermilk is the featured flavour for Week # 4 of the Ice Cream of the Week series.  Strawberries are in their full glory at the farmer’s market. When you’ve finally had your fill of eating fresh, ripe strawberries out of hand are startting to think of what […]

dark chocolate ice cream

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice Cream of the Week #2 This is a really dark, dense, chocolatey ice cream for people who really want a deep chocolate flavour.  I made it for my father for Father’s Day. Chocolate, Vanilla and Pony Trail Ice Cream Bars When he grew up in Rouyn-Noranda in the 1940’s, […]

cocoa brownies

Hockey Mom Brownies

These are the brownies to make when you have to be at the rink in an hour and you just found out you are responsible for Team Snack.   You have absolutely nothing remotely healthy in the house to pull together and no time to go to the grocery store.  A […]