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Chocolate Pecan Pie

Peanut-free chocolate pecan pie sounds like a crazy idea, but it isn’t.    There are now peanut-free nuts on the market that put this Thanksgiving classic within reasonable reach. For the uninitiated, peanuts are not actually nuts.  They are legumes.  There are many of us who are allergic to peanuts but […]

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Tarte Tatin

Pear tarte tatin is a lovely Thanksgiving twist on the classic French caramelized apple tart. Oatmeal, the Secret Ingredient I’m honestly not crazy about apple pie, but I love tarte tatin.  My favourite version comes from an old Bon Appetit magazine (Oct 1996 edition, to be exact), that uses oatmeal […]


Pear Tart with Pistachio Cream

Special occasions call for the kind of presentation that you get from this pear tart with pistachio cream. Pears are the first fruit I can remember really liking.  Texture is really important to children.  When I was young, fruit mostly came from a can after summer was done.  To my […]