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28 Minute Black Bean Soup

This super quick black bean soup (28 minutes start to spoon) is for Ari.  I literally timed it. I started chopping at 11:48.  It was in the bowl at 12:14. Ari started teaching high school special  ed at an inner city school in Baltimore through the Teach for America program.  […]

a bowl of salad with cubes of creamy goat cheese on sliced avocadoes and mangoes with a bed of shredded greens and a tangy honey lemon dressing
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Goat Cheese Avocado Mango Salad

Goat cheese avocado mango salad is a tangy blend of flavours.  The soft textures of the avocado and mango blend perfectly and are offset by a bed of crisp leafy greens and a handful of crunchy toasted nuts or seeds if you have them If I can find an avocado […]